Prices and turnaround

The price and length of time it takes to unlock mobile phones are as follows:

Model Turnaround Price
Apple iPhone - 3 Network (sold by Carphone) 1-3 weeks £50*
Apple iPhone - EE, Orange, T-Mobile 2-4 working days £40*
Apple iPhone - O2, Tesco, GiffGaff 1-2 weeks £30*
Apple iPhone - Vodafone 20-25 working days £40*
BlackBerry Up to 2 hours £15
HTC Up to 24 hours £15
LG Up to 24 hours £15
Microsoft/Nokia Lumia - O2 (not Tesco) 1-7 days £20*
Microsoft/Nokia Lumia - Vodafone 1-10 days £20*
Microsoft/Nokia Lumia - EE, Orange, T-Mobile 1-3 weeks £30*
Motorola Up to 24 hours £15
Samsung Galaxy 1-3 days £25*
Samsung non-Galaxy handsets Up to 2 hours £10
Sony Xperia 1-7 days £25*
Other Please contact us

What is unlocking?

If your mobile phone is locked to one network, you will need to get it unlocked in order to use it with other networks.

This is not to be confused with unblocking (modifying a handset that has been reported lost or stolen). Unblocking is very much illegal, and is a service we do not offer.

Why can't some unlocks be done same-day?

Modern smartphones have extra security to prevent quick unlocks, meaning we must wait for the network to provide the unlocking code.

I have a question about unlocking.

Please contact us for advice.

* Indicates payment upfront required.
Prices subject to change without notice. Turnarounds are estimated and in rare cases can exceed the quoted time.

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