Screens, bends, and arguments with trucks.

Over the years, we have seen all types of damaged handsets, be it dropped in the sink, left out in the rain, dropped, smashed screens, etc.
Often we are asked if there will be any other issues after the handset is repaired. Usually the answer is no, as typically a few replacement parts and the handset is as good as new (albeit with a few new battlescars).
Sometimes, particularly in the case of metal framed handsets, the frame can develop a slight bend, or some scratches or dents, potentially weakening the handset, but usually this is not a problem.
However, we also sometimes get asked what is the worst state a phone has been in when brought in for repair….

Well, to answer that question, here is what happens when a phone is dropped while someone is moving at speed, bounces, and through sheer bad luck, bounces under a moving truck….


Suffice to say, despite our best efforts, the unfortunate iPhone 6 was beyond repair….

So, if you ever have the misfortune of accidentally damaging a handset, know that the odds are, it can be repaired, and that it could be much worse.

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