Google’s Pixel 3.5mm jack is “satisfyingly not new” and neither is the Apple hate

There’s no denying Apple split opinions when they announced that the iPhone 7 wouldn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Supporters hailed the move as an innovation. Critics blasted it as annoying. The only thing most people agreed on was that calling it “courage” was a step too far.

One of Apple’s biggest critics is Google, who advertise their latest Pixel device as featuring a 3.5mm headphone jack that is “satisfyingly not new.”

“Time will tell if Apple made the right call.”

It’s not the first time rival ads have targeted the iPhone. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 campaign depicted Apple fans being blown away at the prospect of the headphone jack moving to the bottom of the iPhone.

The iPhone 7 has only one port - the Apple Lightning port.
The iPhone 7 has only one port – the Apple Lightning port.

Why did Apple remove the jack?

Apple insist that removing the jack allows more space for the speakers for improved sound, but sceptics see it as a ploy encouraging consumers to invest in accessories that will only work with Apple devices.

Reducing unnecessary ports is logical. Nokia phones once had a charging port as well as a micro USB port that accepted charge.

But the 3.5mm headphone jack has featured in every major smartphone to date barring the iPhone 7. Since Apple are unlikely to make a U-turn, it is an opportunity for rival brands like Google to entice consumers who don’t like the idea of using an adapter or wireless headphones.

Other manufacturers may be tempted to join Apple in dropping the 3.5mm jack, leaving only a USB Type-C jack, which would inevitably lead to more headphones and adapters. Belkin would surely rejoice.

Time will tell if Apple made the right call. But their rivals aren’t waiting to use it to their advantage.

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