Found others with the same problem as yours? It’s not unusual

As a repair centre, our customers often research problems before bringing their devices in for repair. It’s perfectly sensible: if it’s a simple fix, why not try to resolve it yourself?

Well, we happen to like helping people, and are happy to be your first port of call. It not only helps us gauge the popular faults that people are faced with, but also prepares us to help the next customer who has the same problem in a timely fashion.

When researching, customers are almost certain to find forum posts that list similar faults. This concerns people immediately. Have they picked the wrong device? Is there an inherent fault with their phone? Will there be a recall?

The answer to those questions is almost always ‘no’. The sad truth is, every device has some type of fault, and therefore a matching forum post. And search engines like Google will point you straight to those forum posts to hopefully give you a solution.

The moral of the story is: when you search online for the fault you’re facing, don’t be alarmed if you find what you’re looking for.

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