A damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung scraps the doomed Note 7 – what now?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you will have no doubt heard about Samsung’s flagship device – the Galaxy Note 7 – having a number of serious problems.

After initial reports of batteries catching fire, Samsung first offered to swap all Note 7 handsets with a supposedly fixed version.

Samsung’s woes continued, however, when even the newer versions were found to have the same defect.

The company have now permanently ceased worldwide production of the doomed device, leading experts to believe the saga has caused “inevitable” brand damage to the South Korean tech giant.

“It’s a huge blow, but Samsung still have the Galaxy S7.”

Despite the handset not being released in the UK, the story still made headline news and will almost certainly affect their mobile phone sales going forward.

GTA V Note 7 Mod
The story prompted a GTA mod featuring an exploding Note 7.

What’s next for Samsung?

Although it’s a huge blow for the market leader, Samsung still have strong handsets in the UK with the Galaxy S7 and its curved edge variant, as well as the likes of the A3 still proving popular to the mid-range market.

But consumers in the UK are still left wondering if and when the next Galaxy Note will hit the shelves, considering the UK missed out on the Note 5 and Note 7 (they skipped using the Note 6 name, allegedly to avoid sounding inferior to the iPhone 7).

One thing’s for certain: Samsung need to pull a rabbit out of the hat with their next smartphone.

With Google hyping their new Pixel device (manufactured by HTC behind-the-scenes), Samsung could have a fight on their hands being the strongest competitor to the iPhone if they’re not careful.

And finally, it goes without saying that Samsung will need to invest heavily in their testing facilities, not only for safety reasons, but to reassure potential consumers that their next big device is only explosive in the metaphorical sense.

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